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HALIFAX 50 PLUS Personal Training with Deb Leblanc

Specializing in Halifax 50 Plus Fitness. I offer In-Home Personal Training, Free Walking Club and Outdoor Fitness & Yoga Classes. Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada.


And knowing where to begin is key. In particular, I provide education with clear direction. Learn how to exercise properly and safely. Unquestionably feeling healthier than you ever imagined!

Firstly you receive a comprehensive consultation. Subsequently a personal wellness plan is designed for you. A fitness and self-care plan that is easy to follow and efficient.

Focus on detail during Training means you learn the best exercise for your goals. As well, correct form and technique. Together with fitness ‘homework’ plus personalized reminders keeps you on track. In addition, I provide private support. And ongoing encouragement.

Deb Leblanc, Certified Personal Trainer. Medical Exercise Specialist and Yoga Teacher


Baby Boomer Complimentary Consultation with Personal Trainer Deb Leblanc | debfit®

One-on-One Skype / FaceTime Consultation

We begin with your private consultation. A comprehensive review of your health, goals and lifestyle. Following your consult, a wellness plan is designed for you. Please allow 20-30 minutes for this consultation.

Custom Fitness Programs with Personal Trainer Deb Leblanc | debfit®

✓Custom Fitness and Yoga Stretch Programs

Specifically, a custom program with pictures and descriptions. Hence reaching your goals with not only correct exercise. But also pace and intensity. In addition, I take into account goal shifts and health changes. Therefore you stay on track with progressive adjustments.

Baby Boomer Custom Wellness Plans with Personal Trainer Deb Leblanc | debfit®

✓Custom Wellness Plans

Experience your healthiest life! Not only now but 5, 10 and 20 years from now. Together we create your wellness plan. Moreover this is a personalized fitness and self-care plan. Geared to your activity likes and dislikes.

Assisted Stretch Therapy with Personal Trainer Deb Leblanc | debfit®

Assisted Stretch Therapy to Complete Your Session

Experience immediate benefits with Assisted Stretch Therapy. Undoubtably improve flexibility and muscle recovery. Above all my goal is to help with injury prevention. Lay back, breathe and relax.

Halifax 50 Plus Training. Unwavering Support and Motivation with Personal Trainer Deb Leblanc | debfit®

✓Ongoing Private Support

Get motivated! Feel supported. As well, stay accountable. Each week you receive personalized Training reminders. I provide fitness ‘homework’. Specifically, activities that appeal to you. In addition to unwavering encouragement, I provide email support. As well as daily text coaching.

Interested in outdoor fitness classes?
Click here for more info on my Free Walking Club, Outdoor Fitness and Yoga


Skype or FaceTime Consultation is Complimentary

$90 Personal Training Single Session
$400 | 5-Pack ($80/session)
$750 | 10-Pack ($75/session)
$1,400 | 20-Pack ($70/session)

$75 Additional Fitness or Yoga Stretch Program

Offering In-Home Personal Training in Halifax North End

In addition to Halifax North End, I serve Fairview and Clayton Park. Also, downtown Halifax in-home Personal Training available upon request.

  • Sessions are 55-minutes.
  • Complimentary Private Online Consultation.
  • Packages include custom fitness program as well as custom stretch program.
  • 24-hour notice required for cancelation.

No question is too small!
For more information on myself, Personal Training or Spring 2020 free walking club, outdoor fitness & Yoga classes. Please email or phone 902-580-1828

Halifax 50+ Fitness with Personal Trainer Deb Leblanc | debfit® | 902-580-1828