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Halifax Healthy Active Aging with Certified Senior Fitness Specialist, Deb Leblanc

Hello and welcome to Halifax 50 Plus & Senior Fitness. My name is Deb Leblanc and at 57 I’ve been a Personal Trainer for more than two decades. I specialize in over 50 and seniors Personal Training as well as strength, weight loss & Yoga classes. I’m a certified Senior Fitness Specialist, Medical Exercise Specialist and Hatha Yoga Instructor.

My services include in-home Personal Training serving Fairmount, Clayton Park, Hydrostone and North End in Halifax, NS. As well, I offer online virtual training. Additionally, I provide 50 Plus strength, weight loss & Yoga classes. And free community 50 Plus Weekly Walk Club

I also offer Halifax Therapeutic Senior Fitness 6-week strength and stretch programs that are designed for inactive seniors and those new to exercise.

My ultimate goal is not only to help you get fit and healthy, but to live your best life possible doing all the things you love to do, now and 5, 10 and 20 years from now!

Halifax Over 50 & Senior Personal Training

Strong Body Strong Mind

We all want to feel fit, strong and flexible as we age and maintaining a certain fitness level is essential to avoid actually “feeling old.” Older bones and muscles do need special attention. A personal training program designed especially for older adults can not only make you feel good in your body, but also reenergize your mind and boost your spirit as well!

In addition to targeting your goals, my personal training is mindful and appropriate for your age, current health and also prioritizes what’s important to you at this point in your life. The right fitness program will help you to feel better everyday so you can keep doing the things you love!

I enjoy getting to know each client as an individual. You receive a personalized and hands-on approach to your fitness and health. Importantly so you not only feel taken care of, looking forward to your training sessions but also become educated in the most effective strength exercises and stretches for you.

I provide 50 Plus & Seniors Personal Training in your home serving Fairmount, Clayton Park, Hydrostone and North End in Halifax, NS. As well, I offer online virtual training too.

Halifax Fit-Over-50 Strength, Weight Loss & Yoga Classes

Take Care of Your Body, It’ll Take Care of You

I think we would all agree that to feel our best and at our healthiest, social connection is just as important as physical activity. Especially during these times.

Over 50 Haligonians who want to get fit and stay fit in their 50’s and beyond, I provide community centred, social and fun outdoor & virtual Strength, Weight Loss & Yoga programs.

To be sure big box gyms are not for everyone, In particular right now. In addition to safety concerns, it’s not uncommon to feel awkward and lacking confidence in large, impersonal group classes. For these reasons and more my virtual as well as outdoor classes are not only convenient, they’re small, personalized and perfect for the times.

For all-weather fresh air fitness lovers, I also offer a 50 Plus Weekly Walk Club on beautiful city park trails in Halifax, NS. This community walk club is free of charge, runs all year round and open to everyone.

I also offer Halifax Therapeutic Senior Fitness 6-week strength and stretch programs designed for inactive seniors and those new to exercise.

Halifax 50 Plus Weekly Walk Club

Get Fit In The Great Outdoors

Meetup DEBFIT Halifax Fit-Over-50 Free Weekly Walk Club
See each week’s walk park location and all the other details on MeetUp

🌳 Join us each week for free outdoor fitness walks in Halifax Fit-Over-50 Walk Club!

🏃🏻‍♀️ What you can look forward to is a social exercise walk including warm-up, stretch, fitness walk followed by cool-down stretch.

🏃‍♂️ Walking pace is challenging enough to improve fitness and also comfortable for talking. We typically walk groomed park trails that are flat or have small inclines.

We usually walk the beautiful Chain of Lakes Trail. But also walk different city park trails around Halifax. See Meetup for each week’s walk location, car pooling, parking and other details.

Wednesdays 9:15-10:15 AM

This community class is free 😎

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