Online 50 PLUS Fitness
with 25-year Personal Trainer, Deb Leblanc
Certified Senior Fitness Specialist, Yoga Instructor & Weight Loss Coach

50 PLUS Fitness Online & Outdoors with Deb Leblanc | 902-580-1828 | Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

Hello and welcome! My name is Deb Leblanc and at 57 I’ve been a Personal Trainer for more than two decades. Specializing in 50 PLUS Fitness Online & Outdoors, I’m a certified Senior Fitness Specialist, Medical Exercise Specialist and Hatha Yoga Instructor. I’m also currently working on my nutritionist certification.

My services include online, outdoor and in-home Personal Training (Halifax, NS), and free online 50 PLUS & seniors exercise classes. As well, I offer private weight loss coaching and beginner weight loss group challenges. I strive to create enjoyable, progressive, safe exercise programs that are fun, doable and effective!


50 PLUS Fitness Online Personal Training, Weight Loss Programs. Strength Programs. Perfect for older adults beginners, women over 50 seeking weight loss. Certified Senior Fitness Specialist, 25-year Personal Trainer Deb Leblanc


If you’re over the age of fifty there are many benefits to working with a Personal Trainer who has more than two decades of experience, is 57 herself and also a certified specialist in older adult fitness.

Moreover, I take a hands-on and wholistic approach to your health and fitness. Importantly so you learn the best strength exercises, stretches and total body wellness that not only targets your goals but fits your lifestyle as well.

Whether you’re new to exercise, want to lose weight, have medical issues, or simply wish to maintain good health, fitness after the age of 50 can be more challenging than in your 30s & 40s — but not impossible!

At this time, I offer 50 PLUS Fitness Online Personal Training monthly package. Furthermore, this all-inclusive service includes 12-personal training sessions each month; custom workout programs, daily private coaching and more.

To be sure public gyms are not for everyone, In particular right now. In addition to safety concerns, it’s not uncommon to feel awkward and lacking confidence. For these reasons, online training sessions are easy to attend, provide one-on-one instruction, and perfect for the times!

It’s never too late to get into shape! Feel free to contact me for more information or if you have any questions at all, I’m happy to help, thank you and looking forward to helping you get fit!

50 PLUS Fitness Free Best Online Exercise & Yoga Classes with Certified Senior Fitness Specialist, 25-year Personal Trainer Deb Leblanc


I’m of the belief that to thrive in good physical, mental and spiritual health as well, we can all appreciate social connection together with activity. Especially in these times.

So for this reason I’ve created 50 PLUS Fitness Online Exercise & Yoga classesFurthermore, these programs are designed not only for those of us over fifty, but seniors as well. What’s more, you can look forward to group classes that are fun, affordable, social and community centred. On top of that, I’m offering both my online & outdoor classes free-of-charge right now.

Do you love the great outdoors! Join us each Wednesday 9:15am for free outdoor 50 PLUS Fitness walks on beautiful Chain-of-Lakes Trail in Halifax, NS. (See below for class details)

Online classes are conducted via ZOOM, and registration is required. Here’s the class line-up commencing April 2021:

Seniors Exercise Online Classes:
✓ Gentle Chair Strength & Stretch
✓ Gentle Chair Yoga Fitness

50 PLUS Fitness Online Classes:
✓ Abs & Arms
✓ Tummy & Tush
✓ Slow Flow Yoga

Looking forward to helping you get fit, and see you in class!


50 PLUS FITNESS Free Halifax, NS Chain-of-Lakes Trail Weekly Walking Club with Certified Senior Fitness Specialist, 25-year Personal Trainer Deb Leblanc. Perfect for beginners weight loss, women & men over 50

Join us in the great outdoors for 50 PLUS Free Fitness walks on beautiful Chain-of-Lakes Trail! Absolutely, walking is one of the best forms of exercise! You don’t need a gym or any fancy equipment, just a good pair of walking shoes. It’s fun, easy to do — simply walk out your front door and go! In addition to all these benefits walking also strengthens your entire body, heart and lungs, helps with weight loss, and feels great!

Without a doubt, regular participation in 50 PLUS Fitness free weekly walking club will strengthen your heart, improve muscle tone, help to manage your weight, build bone mass density and increase your cardiovascular fitness.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT is a structured walking program including, warm-up, stretch, fitness walk followed by cool-down stretch.

WHAT YOU CAN LOOK FORWARD TO is a walking pace challenging enough to improve your fitness level and also comfortable for talkingAnd, if you’re not familiar with the Chain-of-Lakes path it’s flat, paved and lovely to walk!

Wednesday 9:15-10:15am
Due to current provincial COVID regulations we practice social distancing as well, number of participants. Please have your face mask with you at all times

Chain-of-Lakes Trail 

We will meet at the parking ‘area’ located at ASHBURN GOLF COURSE off of JOSEPH HOWE DRIVE. (3250 Joesph Howe Drive) The trailhead we are using is right there! So it’s perfect BUT be aware that it’s not a designated parking lot so please do not block the road & carpool if you are able to

✓ Fitness shoes that provide support and traction
✓ Water bottle
and please
✓ Dress for the weather

This community class is always free!
Registration Required

Drop me a line, I’m happy to answer any questions, Thank you! | 902-580-1828 | Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada