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If you’re over the age of fifty there are many benefits to working with a Personal Trainer who has more than two decades of experience, is 57 herself and also a certified expert in older adult fitness.

Moreover, I specialize in 50 Plus Fitness Personal Training with a hands-on and individualized approach to your health and fitness. Importantly so you not only look forward to your training sessions but also become educated in the most effective strength exercises and stretches for you. Personal Training that targets your goals, is appropriate for your body type, current health, and also enjoyable for your lifestyle as well.

My services include 50 Plus Fitness Personal Training, private studio and in-home in Halifax, Nova Scotia as well as 50 Plus Fitness online virtual Personal Training.

Feel free to contact me for more information or if you have any questions at all, I’m happy to help!


50 PLus Online Personal Training & Weight Loss Coaching with 25-year Personal Trainer Deb Leblanc. Book your complimentary consult now!

Complimentary Consultation. We begin with your private video call consult. A comprehensive assessment of your health, fitness goals and lifestyle, please allow up to 30-minutes.

Monthly Custom Fitness Program. Specifically, programs with descriptions plus pictures. Hence reaching your goals with not only correct exercise, but also proper sequencing, pace and intensity. I take into account goal shifts and health changes. As a result you stay on track with safe, progressive adjustments.

Custom Wellness Plan. Experience your healthiest life not just now but 5, 10 and 20 years from now! This is a tailor-made fitness and wellness plan based on your lifestyle, health goals and activity enjoyments.

50 Plus Fitness with 25-year Personal Trainer Deb Leblanc | debfit

Assisted Stretch Therapy. Lay back, breathe and relax. Indulge in Assisted Stretch Therapy that completes each of your training sessions. Maintain flexible muscles, healthy joints and pain-free movement with Assisted Stretch Therapy.

✓ Heart Rate Training. In order to lose weight, lower your blood pressure, manage heart disease and type 2 diabetes, as well as taking care of numerous other health concerns, it is a proven fact that you need be do both aerobic and anaerobic workouts. And the right aerobic and anaerobic heart rate zones are different for everyone. Many factors come into play to determine your zones. I focus on heart rate training to make certain you are not only doing the best types of workouts for your goals also, training at the correct intensity.


50 Plus Fitness with 25-year Personal Trainer Deb Leblanc | debfit

Enjoy your Personal Training sessions in this 100% private, intimate and welcoming space with zero distractions or loud music, equipment wait-times or cleanliness concerns.

Look forward to your workouts enjoying stunning water views in impeccably maintained and meticulously sanitized, comfortable and organized space.

Reap the health benefits of a bright, airy and clean boutique-style Personal Training studio — where the focus is fully on you and your fitness needs. 


50 Plus Fitness with 25-year Personal Trainer Deb Leblanc | debfit

Private Studio
$65 Single Session
$650 11-Pack (1-complimentary session) Sessions are 55-minutes

$80 Single Session
$800 11-Pack (1-complimentary session) Sessions are 55-minutes

$48 Single Session
$480 11-Pack (1-complimentary session) Sessions are 40-minutes

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50 Plus Fitness with 25-year Personal Trainer Deb Leblanc | debfit®deb@debfit.com | 902-580-1828 | Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada