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Losing weight after the age of 55 is challenging but not impossible. And the right fitness program for older men and women will not only help to burn body but also improve your muscle tone, strengthen your heart, help with feeling winded by increasing lung capacity and also build bone mass density. Furthermore, because I take a very personal approach to your fitness training, I provide education with clear direction so you can enjoy learning how to exercise correctly and effectively for your personal goals.

Working with a Personal Trainer who has 25 years experience, has owned and operated a successful Weight Loss Retreat and is also over the age of 55 has its advantages. Not least of which is learning like-minded fitness, wellness and also daily self-care habits for your age. Going to a gym is not for everybody, especially right now. Besides safety concerns, other key issues include feeling awkward, lacking confidence and not knowing where to start. In addition to privacy and comfort virtual training sessions are easy to attend, provide one-on-one instruction, and perfect for the times.

Helping you cultivate commitment to your wellbeing, I also offer daily support, accountability and unwavering encouragement.

55+ Weight Loss Online Personal Training with 25 year Personal Trainer  Deb Leblanc | debfit®


One-on-One Live Online Skype or FaceTime Consultation. We begin with your private video call assessment. A comprehensive assessment of your health, fitness goals and lifestyle, please allow up to 30-minutes for this complimentary session.

Four 30-Minute Live Online Personal Training Sessions Each Week, for a total of twelve 30-minute personal training sessions per month. These are 100% private, live and interactive video Skype or FaceTime personal training sessions.

Monthly Custom Fitness Program. Specifically, programs with pictures and descriptions. Hence reaching your goals with not only correct exercise. But also proper sequencing, pace and intensity.

Monthly Custom Weight Loss Eating Guide. To be clear, this is a simple and practical eating guide designed for your personal weight loss goal, for the month.

Monthly Custom Wellness Plan. Experience your healthiest life not just now but 5, 10 and 20 years from now. This is a personal fitness and wellness plan that I design based on your lifestyle, health goals and activity enjoyments.

55+ Weight Loss Online Personal Training with 25 year Personal Trainer  Deb Leblanc | debfit®

Monthly Live Online Video or Phone Call Fitness Wellness Reviews, two 15-minute phone or video call reviews each month. First review is mid-month and second review is end of month. I take into account goal shifts and health changes. As a result you stay on track with safe, progressive adjustments.

Weekly Personal Training Reminders. Each week you receive personalized email reminders pertaining to your individual fitness wellness plan and exercise regime.

Daily Text Message Support. On the whole you can look forward to staying accountable, motivated and supported, every day.

$499 CAD per month

To schedule your complimentary consultation or if you would like more information, I’m happy to answer any questions, thank you!

55+ Fitness with Deb Leblanc | Halifax Outdoor 55+ Strength & Yoga Classes | Meet Deb
deb@debfit.com | 902-580-1828 | Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada